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Below you will find products at a discounted price. These promotions might be active for a short period of time. Harry up up! Do not delay your purchase.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to fix the delivery charge.

Geodesic Dome Tent with Transparent TPU Cover

The surface of our TPU garden igloo dome is wrinkled, but it is not a product quality issue and does not affect your pleasant use as well. Wrinkles will fade away gradually in direct sunlight. The main features are:

  • Superior Protective Material: The bubble tent is built from transparent TPU material to provide a clear, 360°view. The thickened TPU screen features excellent sun protection, warmth retention, and wind-proof, creating a warm and relaxing outdoor space for you and your family.

  • Reinforced Fastener: The geodesic dome kit adopts a φ 0.63”/16 mm nylon frame, providing extra stability with the help of 10 sandbags,32 expansion screws w/ fastener, and 15 aluminum alloy stakes. It can withstand up to 31 mi/h speed wind and bear max. 90 lbs snow. Feel at ease when you start your next big camping adventure, even on windy days.

  • A Breath of Fresh Air: The geodesic dome features 2 rolled-up windows with straps to increase air circulation, breathing fresh air always and everywhere. A zipper door that can be sealed closed for easy access and setting boundaries between you and others out in public or in the privacy of your own spaces.

Material: The geodesic structure is made of ABS plastic in white color. The exterior cover is waterproof TPU in transparent color.

Size: 12 ft x 12 ft x 7.2 ft H / 3.6m D x 2.2m H (Internal). 107 ft² base area provides a spacious interior shelter that comfortably fits 8-10 adults. 

Glass Dome with Coated Tempered Glass

This Glass Dome is made of Aluminium Aloy Skeleton and can last up to 50 years. The cover is made of Coated tempered glass and UV protection. It includes two opening windows and one glass door. There are four colours available: Green, Blue, Gold and Dark Brown.

Material: Coated tempered Glass  and Aluminium Aloy Frame.

Size: 4m Diameter, Area: 12sqm, Celling Top Height: 3.2m

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to fix the delivery charge. There are 5m, 6m and 8m sizes also available. Please use Promo Code "5POFF" to get 5% off at checkout.

Keter Darwin Apex Brown Garden Shed 4x6ft

Have the look of a wooden shed without the maintenance. Made from Evotech advanced resin technology for durability, it is fully weather resistant, so you'll never have to worry about panels warping, overlapping or cracking. Designed with convenience in mind, you can build your Darwin shed in just a few hours, all you'll need is a hand drill and a step ladder. No delivery needed, the packaging can fit straight into your car. 

Resin sheds like this one come supplied with a floor - an integral part. However, it needs to be built on a suitable hard level base, such as concrete, paving slabs, or tarmac. This base is NOT supplied. A shed can't be placed directly onto a base of grass, earth, sand, etc. As natural movement will affect the stability, reduce lifespan, and could cause the door to warp.

With a 15-year guarantee, the Keter Darwin 4x6 shed is designed to last and it requires practically no maintenance. A simple wash and your Keter shed looks like new every year.

To provide you with some peace of mind, this shed has lockable doors to keep your valuable possessions safe. Simply add your own padlock and you'll have a secure way to store your personal belongings.

Material: Plastic.

Size: H205, W125.8, D184.5cm. Footprints: 118.8cm x 184.5cm

         Base size required W176.5cm, D112cm.

         Base size required W5.8ft, D3.7ft.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to fix the delivery charge. This is for £340 RRP price in other retail stores.


Delivery Service

Some of the above Products might incur a shipping/delivery cost. Please contact us to fix the delivery charge. 

Production and delivery take approximately 4 to 5 weeks for Inflatable Tents and Glass Domes.

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