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Caravan and Mobile Home Park - Portugal

There are many Holiday and Residential Home parks in the UK where you can sit your holiday home on for a very attractive monthly cost.

If you are looking for a plot abroad we are introducing the Caravan and Mobile Home Park below.


  • To develop a 4/5 star resort where people could benefit from security, well-being and a relaxed life;
  • To provide high quality services;
  • To promote Eco-living and environmental good practices;
  • To support and make use of the existing facilities, services, regional products and small shops. 

The plots have been designed for Mobile Homes, Caravans and Tents. We can also offer Lodges and Park Homes from other well known suppliers in the UK. Some examples are available on the "Other Lodges" page in our website.


- 56 plots between 180 m2 e 365 m2

- 10 plots between 340 m2 e 423 m2

- 12 plots for Caravans/Autocaravans.

In the bigger 10 plots it is possible to build conventional and larger houses to be rented out.

Most the plots have panoramic views, some overlooking the lake.

There will be no more building between the eco village and the border which almost reaches the lake

The Park can be used all year round.


- Main Entrance

- Emergency Entrance/Exit

- Reception

- Small Shopping and Infirmary

- Restaurant, Bar and Games Room

- Children Swimming Pool

- Adults Swimming Pool

- Mini-Golf

- Children Playground

- Shower and WC’s Rooms

- Auto caravan Service point

- Laundry and Dishwasher Rooms

- Gym and Sauna

The location of the project is the north of Portugal and could well serve eco-communities, retired people looking to buy a residential home or holiday home as well as those looking to buy or rent a holiday home in the countryside but at the same time close to the big cities, beaches and golf courses.

The building land is approximately 30,000m2 (3 hectares). The remaining land 30,000m2 (3 hectares) ensures that there will be no more building between the eco village and the border - which almost reaches the lake.

The most elevated plots have wonderful views over the lake, mountains and the near village.


Public Swimming Pool Complex

  • Swimming pool for babies
  • Swimmimg pool for children
  • Swimming pool for adults
  • Snack Bar and Café
  • Children Playground
  • Picnic area
  • Toilets
  • Security

Covered Swimming Pool

  • Swimming classes
  • Changing rooms
  • Toilets

Court Tennis

  • 3 court tennis available at the two star campsite near by.

11 a side Football Pitch

Mini Zoo

Public Children Playground

Public Aerobic Maintenance Circuit

  • There is fitness equipment around the lake.


  • Activity explored by a private company onsite.

Paintball for Children and Adults

Cultural and Exhibition Centre

  • Snack Bar and Café
  • Outdoor Theatre
  • Cinema
  • Exhibition rooms

Please use the buttons below to get further details about the location of the park. The first button shows the location of the Park in Google Earth as well as the Infrastructure available close by. You will need to have Google Earth installed in your computer.

The second button shows a ranking of the 10 best campsites in Portugal. The two star campsite is ranked in 2nd place in the list.

You are welcome to join the Caravan and Mobile Home park Facebook page which was created to promote this Park. Please use the Facebook button below.

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