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Our Hot Tubs are the most versatile hot tub spa in the world, they are portable, light and easy to install. The innovative motors are the quietest in the industry.

The soft but firm foam material Polybond provides optimal comfort and support in any position, undoubtedly creating the most comfortable lounging spa to date.

They are built to last and stand for durability and weather resistance and will provide you with years of pleasure and enjoyment!

Depending on the of focus of the individual, adjustable massage jets can be chosen for an effective hydrotherapy treatment as described below:

Neck/Shoulder area

• Effective against neck problems and shoulder tension

• Helps with shoulder traumas

• Acts against tension headaches

Lymphatic drainage/ Rheumatism /Arthritis

• Has a stimulating effect on and under the skin

• Effective at treating swellings, dislocations, strains, sprains and muscle tears

• Uses hot water and massage to relieve pain

Lower back/ Sciatica

• Effective against sciatica

• Effective at treating problems with mobility and bending down

• Prevents irritation of the sciatic nerve

• Effective at treating herniated discs

• Relieves the pain of slipped discs

Sacral bone/ Coccyx/ Hips/ Loins

• Effective against lower back pains

• Helps with painful Spondylolisthesis

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